Designer Wallpaper5 Tips to decorate your living area with Wall Decor

5 Tips to decorate your living area with Wall Decor

Don’t let your small living room pinch your style. No matter how small your space, it can still look stylish whether you own or rent. Bare walls lack personality and can make your home decor look boring. We’ve put together creative tips to make your walls pop.

Create an accent wall

IIt’s better to use one accent wall to show character rather than many patterns on one wall. One well-chosen color that sticks out well will frame the focal point of your living room nicely.

Strategic Wall Art-

The right wall art can add visual attention to your space while taking away from the fact that it’s smaller than average. Space of Joy suggests hanging artwork directly above your sofa rather than all around the room.

Small Artwork-

Let your wall breathe! Small artwork makes a wall elegant and gives a rich feel.

Mix Pattern & Texture-

The most popular form of decor is the mix pattern. If you’re tempted to use lively colors or pastels in your small space but you’re afraid it’ll look cluttered, consider opting for patterns or wallpapers. This will give a more whimsical look without adding visual clutter.

Make any and all vertical lines stand out-

By accenting any vertical lines in your space — including tall shelves, longer picture frames, or other furniture with vertical themes will give the room a sense of space by making the ceilings appear much higher and adding visual interest without taking up much floor space.

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