Are you looking for a unique and eye-catching way to spruce up your home or office decor? Look no further than our backlit wall art! Our collection of stunning backlit art pieces is designed to add sophistication and ambiance to any space.

Stretch ceiling

 > Make a false ceiling or apply it on an existing ceiling
 > Contains a Semi-Concealed PVC track
 > Strip light is installed in the box
 > Material: PVC


  > Box is made of ACP sheet that is rigid and easily transportable
 > LED lighting is installed in the box
 > Material: Polyester fabric

    Why is Backlit art emerging?

 > Dynamic color quality.

 > A soothing experience for your eyes.

 > LED strips for uniform lighting.

 > Printed on heat-resistant polyester fabric.


Backlit art perfectly combines durable fabric, LED light strips, vibrant colors, ACP sheets, and eco-friendly material. The personalized art made in India is perfect for those who want to add a unique touch to their home and office decor.

                   FOR WHOM DOES IT SUIT

Backlit art is best suited for your family gatherings, creates a romantic environment for you and your partner, adds personality to your living or workspace, and creates a fun and exciting atmosphere for your kids. Backlit wall art is the perfect addition to your home and office decor.

                    WHERE IS IT SUITABLE

Backlit art is perfect for creating a unique and inviting atmosphere in any space, including washrooms, meeting places and ceilings of your home or office. By adding personalized designs and vibrant colors, backlit art can transform any room into a stunning and eye-catching display.

Backlit Art is the best choice for homes and offices