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Choosing Wallpapers Over Tiles For The Kitchen: Top Reasons Why

Unlike the other areas in your home, the kitchen is a functional space. This is one of the many reasons why people ignore designing this particular area. However, well-designed kitchen wallpapers helps you in many ways. It gives the person working in the kitchen a relaxed feeling. Also, it encourages us to take care of the space.

Many a time, we see kitchens lined with tiles for easy cleaning. But, there are more affordable options as well. You can even paste kitchen designer wallpaper for walls. But, wouldn’t the wallpapers get damp? Wouldn’t they lose their appeal? To answer these questions, you need to understand what kitchen wallpapers are. 

What are kitchen wallpapers?

Kitchen wallpapers are basically the ones that are durable and resistant to moisture, grease and other such elements. Some of the best home decor companies in India offer you such special wallpapers. Traditional wallpapers are not suitable for the kitchen for a variety of reasons. The prominent one is, they lose their shine within a few days of exposure to moisture and heat. 

Moreover, you may need to replace the wallpapers pretty frequently. Kitchen wallpapers are mostly made of vinyl and other waterproof materials. Especially, when you buy wall decor items online, you can see that most waterproof items are vinyl. 

Vinyl wallpapers let you wash them and they are naturally more durable. So that you do not lose the texture or the colour very easily. Even continued exposure to heat cannot fade such materials. Hence, making the right fit for a kitchen space. 

Reasons why Kitchen wallpapers are better than kitchen

The following are the reasons why you need to buy kitchen designer wallpaper for walls rather than kitchen tiles. 

1. Easier to clean

Indian kitchen walls suffer a lot from splattering oil to spilt spices. Cleaning them is truly a tough cookie to crack. Tiles may often sound like the best choice for such situations. However, these special wallpapers make it even easier. Their water-resistant surface lets you use a damp cloth to easily remove any oil stains. Even greasy ones do not get absorbed into the wallpaper. 

2. Better designs

Tiles only offer limited designs. When there are more designs, the price also increases significantly. Wallpapers, on the other hand, offer tonnes of designs at an affordable price. You can even add textures by looking for the right designer wallpaper for walls. 

3. Lasts longer

We get it, tiles are strong and hard. But, that doesn’t mean they last longer. They lose the shine after a few months of constant exposure to heat. The best home decor companies in India offer several durable wallpaper options. They get specifically engineered to last longer. This means you get to spend lesser money without any future costs. 

4. Suits backsplash

The backsplash is the wall in your kitchen behind the sink. You should be able to maintain the design throughout the kitchen. Hence, some kitchen wallpapers have a thin plastic coating to suit the backsplash area. This lets you maintain the design throughout the kitchen while keeping your walls safe. 


When you buy wall decor items online, keep in mind the purpose of the item. In the case of kitchen walls, many people are already choosing wallpapers over tiles. Not just because of the designs but the ability to easily switch between different designs and less damage to the wall. Finally, let your creativity flow when choosing designer wallpaper for walls. Happy designing!

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