WallpaperHow to do Cleaning and Maintain your Wallpaper

How to do Cleaning and Maintain your Wallpaper

When you’ve taken the time and effort to perfectly hang your new wallpaper from the Space of Joy, it’s time for you to know how to make it look as fresh and beautiful as the day you bought it. Cleaning wallpaper is much easier than you might think. Depending on the placement and type of the wallpaper, there are several things you can do by using simple household products. A standard wallpaper needs the least attention and care. Here are some tips and pro tips to maintain wallpaper for its long-lasting beauty:


Dusting is our routine on weekends. Like we do it every week, we shall not ignore the wallpapers. A build-up of dust can easily go unnoticed, but it’s the main culprit of damaged or old-looking wallpaper. If you’re gentle, dusting can be carried out on any type of wallpaper.

Pro tip: Use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner. It is the best and easiest method for cleaning the wallpaper. The bristles on the brush should mean the vacuum doesn’t do any damage to the paper, while the suction means the dust is directly taken up.

If you’d rather dust manually, a dry duster either attached to the end of a sweeping brush or simply used by hand can do the job just as well. But, with this method it’s important to start from the top of the wall and work your way downwards, as dust will fall to lower parts of the paper. You may also have to sweep the floor afterward.

WASHING THE WALLPAPER to maintain wallpaper

Sometimes, dusting isn’t enough. Some wallpaper stains can’t be cleaned, unfortunately, such as ink, but others may wash away. The easiest – and cheapest – method of cleaning wallpaper uses a simple soft sponge, a little dishwasher soap and water. Whereas, if your wallpaper comes under self-adhesive range, it can be easily cleaned with mild non-adhesive moist cloth or sponge. Refrain scrubbing the wall, harshly.

Pro tip: Before you carry out the cleaning, however, it’s important to check your wallpaper can withstand soap and water; Mix your solution and apply it to a small, hidden part of the wallpaper (such as behind a piece of furniture). If the water is soaked up by the paper, or the color runs, you’re going to do more damage than good. If it’s OK, then move ahead.


You can clean a covering that would be damaged by water using a special product called wallpaper dough, sold at paint stores and home centers. Take a handful of dough from the container, roll it into a ball, and then roll the ball across the wall covering to lift the dirt. When the dough gets dirty, knead the dirt into the center of the ball to expose a fresh surface.


In rooms where wall coverings are exposed to grease, steam, or active youngsters, dusting is not enough. A light washing every few months is in order. Luckily, the wall coverings used in such areas are usually waterproof sheet vinyl. Give them a quick swipe with a natural sponge dampened in water with a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Make sure that the sponge isn’t too wet—you don’t want water to seep under the seams and loosen the covering. Also, be sure to clean from the bottom up; that way dirty water that you squeeze out of the sponge won’t flow down over the dirty areas and leave streaks. Even if the covering is labeled “scrubbable,” it’s best not to scrub hard or to use abrasive cleaners or strong household cleansers. Rinse with a sponge dampened in clean water. Pat dry with a towel. If the paper needs a second washing, let it dry thoroughly first.

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