Wall CoveringsHow to decorate smaller spaces

How to decorate smaller spaces

“A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams.” Each one wants their home to be a beautiful comfortable place to live in. 

A home reflects the people who stay in it. However, with the increase in urbanization and the resultant crowding of spaces, the sizes of homes have been reducing gradually. This is leading to more compact houses, smaller living rooms, and bedrooms. And decorating smaller places gets tricky at times. Keeping a few pointers in mind while decorating your home will go a long way in making the space look larger, more comfortable, less intruding, and much more soothing.  

Dos and Do-Nots that one should follow while decorating smaller spaces.


  • Create a feeling of clean and open space by using plain light-colored wallcoverings, the likes of white, pale pastel, beige, off-white, etc. 
  • The wall coverings should have subtle design prints, which are not too large and bold. Also, the elements should be arranged vertically to make the space larger and spacious. In case, you wish to use bright, bold and large prints on one of the walls, make sure to team it up with a simpler light tone wall covering on the adjacent wall.
  • Use of stripes can be cleverly done to create a sense of space. The top half of the wall can be covered in vertically arranged spaced-out stripes, whereas the lower half can have horizontal lines to avoid a boring wall.
  • Using the same print on the walls, cupboards and blinds of a room creates a sense of unity and the unbroken pattern can make the small room look much more spacious.
  • Whatever print you use, try to balance the element on all sides of the wall. 


  • Large prints would make the room small. And do not arrange the design elements horizontally.
  • Narrow lines (whether parallel or wavy) on the wall visually deform the space and make the limited space look unpleasant to the eyes
  • Darker shades of wall coverings lead to more absorption of light, thus making the room look smaller and less spacious. 
  • Do not use too many additional décor items such as frames and decals. The more the elements, the more cluttered a small room would feel. Just stick to using one or two additional design items on the wall on top of the wallcovering.

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