Wall CoveringsHow to maintain your Wall Coverings

How to maintain your Wall Coverings

Our homes are places where we spend a significant portion of our time. And our homes are susceptible to daily dirt and dust. Just like the floor needs a daily mop and the corners need a daily dusting, the walls and the wall coverings also require regular cleaning. The technological advancements related to the characteristics of substrate of wallcoverings and the quality of color on the wall coverings have now made maintenance of wallcoverings much simpler. 

Before knowing how to clean the wall coverings, it is very important to be aware of the kind of wall coverings which you have on your wall. There are wall coverings that are washable, non-washable and scrubbable. If you are not sure of the type you have, try cleaning an extra piece of your wall coverings before you move to the wall. Use of premium quality Easy to Maintain wall coverings by Space of Joy goes a long way in easy maintenance and long life of walls and wall coverings.

Follow the following steps for an easy DIY cleaning exercise for the Easy to Clean wall coverings available on Space of Joy. 

  • Make a cleaning solution using a light detergent/shampoo/cleaner etc. Make sure whatever you use does not have abrasive properties.
  • Always use a sponge to clean your wall coverings. In case, sponge is not available, you could use a soft cloth (although not highly recommended), however, make sure the cloth is clean and does not lose its own color.
  • Dip the sponge in the cleaning solution, squeeze out excess solution and wipe the surface of the wall covering only in one direction, preferably vertically, from top to bottom. The best way is to start from the top and keep moving downwards. This is done so that the water dripping from the sponge downwards, gets cleaned in the end automatically as part of the process.
  • Next, use clear water with the sponge and re-wipe the wall covering surface to rinse and remove any soap from the wall surface.
  • You can then use a dry cloth to wipe the wall covering dry. Or you could just let the surface dry under the fan.
  • For wall coverings of kitchen, you could use the same process mentioned above with dishwasher liquid to remove tough strains and oily deposits.
  • For wall coverings that are not washable or delicate, you should clean your wall coverings with a dry-cleaning sponge, a dry-cleaning eraser or a vacuum cleaner.

That’s It. You are through.

With this little cleaning and maintenance exercise, your walls will continue to look fresh and beautiful for years.

Happy maintaining your Space of Joy!!!

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