WallpaperHow to take measurements of a wall for wallpapers?

How to take measurements of a wall for wallpapers?

Wallpapers are a convenient way to spruce up your home by adding a touch of color or pattern to your walls without having to paint. You can add wallpaper to a whole room, put up an eye-catching accent wall, or even cover your whole house in a fresh style. Wall measurement of your rooms for wallpaper can seem unnerving, but by getting your math right it is not that difficult to measure your wall for the perfect size of the wallpaper. Follow the below steps:

1. Measure the width and the height of your walls

You can measure from the ceiling down to the floor and across each wall to quickly get a height and width measurement. Using a metal tape measure rather than a soft cloth will help keep your measurements accurate. If your room has baseboards, leave those out of your measurements unless you plan on wallpapering over them.

2. Multiply the width and height of each wall to get its square footage

You’ll want to calculate your wallpaper in square footage since that is the way you’ll be ordering it. Multiplying your width number times your height number for one wall will give you its square footage.

3. Add the total square footage of each wall to get the square footage of the room

If your wallpaper will be covering an entire room, you’ll want to order it one room at a time, so getting the square footage of each room is important.

Subtract any doors and windows from your calculations- Doors, windows, and cabinets are a few examples of wall fixtures that would not need to be wallpapered. You can measure the width and height of each object and then take that away from your final calculation to avoid buying too much wallpaper.

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