Designer WallpaperLatest Trends in Home décor

Latest Trends in Home décor

Home decor trends are always changing, but when it comes to 2022, the decor ideas have taken a swift swirl. 

Here are the latest trend that will make your abode a piece of heaven.

  1. Neutral & Natural Shades

In the early days, people were in love with vibrant colors. Yellow, Orange, and Red were the prime colors that were used on the drawing walls. In the case of kid’s room, the preferred colors were pink & blue according to gender. Sooner, this trend took a dip and a new trend of minimalism entered the market. This trend actively endorsed neutral shades. Within no time, it became a talk of the town and probably an epitome of an aesthetic and elegant look. The magic of such color is, you can pair it up with any color accessories, wallpaper and a wall art. 

  1. Biophilic Design

Biophilic designs are the new entrant in the list. These designs are commonly known as Tropical designs. Biophilic demonstrates the flora and fauna prints with a vibrant mix of colors, highlighting green. Green color brings in peace and manifest good luck and well-being. This connection with nature can be presented through plant-focused décor, nature-themed walls or aesthetics, or in physically bringing plants in. These designs are a part of contemporary art that comes in a form of wallpaper too.

  1. Luxurious Wallpapers 

To balance the neutral and warm tones in rooms, the trend of adding wallpaper will help to a more elegant feel. In addition to warm colors, beautiful wallpaper will be a staple in adding in color, texture, and depth to a space. Although monochromatic white designs are not out of style, we are certainly seeing a draw for those warmer, rich colors that wallpaper bring into a space. 

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