Wall CoveringsLatest Trends of Wall coverings

Latest Trends of Wall coverings

The days of boring dull single-color walls sitting in the background are long gone. The current trends have character and have a statement to make. We thought, why not bring to you the latest trends in wall coverings so that you can have a quick read and make up your mind of the design you want your walls to sport. So, below are the latest trends in wall coverings for the year 2021/22. 


The latest trends for wall covering colors include vibrant, lively and inviting colors. Colors ranging from sage greens to pastels, from shades of red to warmth of blues and corals, all are in vogue. Choosing your design and style and combining it with these trendy bright and vivid colors will surely bring your space to life and will accurately reflect your style statement.

PS: Pantone has announced “Classic Blue” as the “Color of the Year”

3D Wall coverings

3D wall coverings, as the name suggest, should be the latest style entrants onto your walls. They are unique, bold and edgy. The 3D effect combined with a textured underlying substrate can create an illusion to your eyes. Pair them up with the design of your choice, be it a geometric, pattern or a wooden feel. Your guests would surely want to have a close look, touch and feel the wall.

Like natural material

Anyone who wants a wooden wall or a brick wall but always pulled back due to the effort and cost involved. Look no further, wall coverings which imitate natural material are in fashion. Be a broken brick wall, a wooden wall, a stone wall, or a marble finish. The walls can be covered with any of these designs and they make the wall stand out. From afar, it is quite difficult to differentiate such substrates from the real natural material.

Retro Art

Retro Art has always maintained its place among designs in fashion. They lend a luxurious tone to the walls and when paired with warmer tones, retro art can create a soothing yet glamorous space.

Indian Traditional Art Form

The rich cultural heritage of India contains many traditional Indian folk paintings and art forms which have been passed down from generation to generation and are still practiced in different parts of the country. The forms are culturally diverse and although the soul of the art form has remained the same, the forms have evolved over the years. Be it the Madhubani of Bihar or the Kalamkari of Andhra Pradesh, Indian art forms look wonderful on the walls and are the trends of wall coverings bring about an elegance to the overall space. You could use it as a wall cover or could also create frames out of the art form.


Gradient wall coverings have always been one of the priority choices for people who like minimalism. While minimalistic wall coverings limit the use of colors to one or two only, a gradient wall covering lets one use dozens of shades at the same time. While using a gradient, one should be careful to match the shade at the end of the wall covering to that of the ceiling.

Nature Motifs

Botanical designs with a lot of flora and fauna, backed by natural colors help in bringing nature home. It creates a sense of calm and wellness. Bold tropical prints are the latest trends in floral patterns with punchier colors and more daring foliage and animals.


If you want instant glamour for your living room or your bedroom, geometric designs is the go-to style for you. They come in a varied range of patterns and can be chosen basis the amount of presence you want the wall to show in the overall space. Geometrics can be subtle with a warm background and a brighter design. Geometrics can also be with bright backgrounds and more complementary colors of pattern such as golden. Whatever the pattern and design, geometric is here to stay and continue to be one of the favored designs for wallcoverings.


Space which are simple and minimal can be highly accentuated using a solid or metallic wall covering. Use of metallics with textured substrate lend a rougher, more authentic feel to the entire wall. It is not recommended to have a very dark solid/metallic wall covering. A relief metallic print is always welcome.

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