Wall CoveringsMyths and Reality of Wall coverings

Myths and Reality of Wall coverings

Wall coverings have been in existence since eternity, well almost. Although it is difficult to precisely point out the first use of wall covering, records state that wall coverings were first used in China at around 200 BC and have come a long way from the days of being made on rice paper. The acceptability of wall covers as a solid alternate to other more traditional form of wall decorations is increasing gradually. However, wall coverings have always been shrouded by several myths and hypothetical characteristics which have hindered the widespread use that it is supposed to achieve.

So, it is time we debunk the most common and widespread myths related to wall coverings and know the reality.

Myths and Reality of Wall coverings

Myth: Wall coverings are in the “trend”

Reality: Just look around you and you will observe wall coverings are omnipresent, visible in plain sight on TV, magazines, movies, display homes, to offices, cafeterias, restaurants. Walls are being covered with intricate designs, which matches one’s own character and people are willing to design their walls as per their wishes. The old mundane, plain jane wall, with a single color is long gone.

Myth: Wall coverings have limited design and cannot be customised or personalised

Reality: Space of Joy is here to break this myth. Space of Joy offers you all kinds of personalization, be it a design for your bedroom, or a theme for your kid’s room, a family portrait or a picture that you love. If you can think of it, Space of Joy can have it on your wall.

Myth: Durability – A very common myth is that wall coverings are not durable and can tear off quickly

Reality: Wall coverings are now made of different performance intensive, highly durable material. Gone are the days when wall coverings were made of only fragile paper, which were prone to tearing and which would disintegrate quickly. Wall coverings now are made of a range of substrate such as laminated paper, vinyl, different kinds of fabric etc. Several of these wall coverings now come with warranty and can last for 10 years on more.

Myth: Maintenance – Wall coverings get dirty easily and cannot be cleaned

Reality: With the use of easy to maintain substrates, wall coverings have now become very easy to maintain. They generally don’t accumulate as much dust and can be cleaned easily. Several of the types of wall coverings can in fact be washed with detergent and water using a soap on a regular basis without impacting the overall quality of the wall covering and its print.

Visit our blog :- How to maintain your Wall coverings to know more.

Myth: Installation Cost and Process – Wall coverings have high cost of installation and are tedious to install with time consuming and labour intensive process

Reality: Wall coverings are available across a wide price range. Decent wall coverings begins from just Rs 75 per sqft and can range upto thousands per sqft. Such wall coverings are quick to install and take much lesser time than painting a wall. Premium range of wall coverings also have self-adhesive characteristics making it even easier to be installed. Such self-adhesive wall coverings can be installed within a couple of hours itself. Since such wall coverings offer quick and reasonable installation and are easy to maintain, they are here to stay.

Myth: Not resistant to fire – Wall coverings are not fire retardant.

Reality: Several of today’s wall coverings are fire retardant and hence are safe.

Myth: Colors – It is generally thought that wall coverings do not have vibrant colors and that those colors can fade over a period.

Reality: With the advancement in technology both in printing and substrate, the color reproduction on wall coverings are very close the actual image and are very bright and vibrant. Also, the colors have become resistant to environmental impacts such as heat of the sun and dust. Thus, with very minimal regular maintenance, the colors of a wall coverings don’t fade over time and remain as good as new for years.

Myth: Heat, Moisture, Pest – Wall coverings increase the temperature of the room and attract moisture and destroy the wall

Reality: With the use of latest quality substrates, wall coverings don’t impact the overall temperature of the room and resist any kind of accumulation of moisture on the walls. They also resist all types of pests, termites and germs as well.

Myth: Art over a wall covering – You cannot hang other wall decors over a wall covering

Reality: Ever since the beginning of the use of wall coverings, people have been using the design of the wall covering as a background for several other wall décor items such as frames, wall decals, backlit boxes etc. The wall coverings lend a unified complete design to the entire wall. Even if the design of the wall covering is bold, it would still go well with a complementary piece of art put on top of it.

Myth: Wall coverings are not good for kitchen and bathrooms

Reality: With washable, fire resistant and highly durable substrates available, wall coverings are in fact ideal for kitchen and bathrooms. The wall coverings can be made to mimic any surface, be it a wooden one, or a tiled one, a metal one or a stone finished one. What better than getting the design of your choice in your kitchen and bathroom without having to worry about any of the side effects of heat or moisture on the walls.

Myth: Difficult to remove – Wall coverings are difficult to remove.

Reality: The use of tools such as strippers and steamers and use of chemicals for removal of a wall covering are all a thing of past. With the advent of technologically superior wall covering substrates much superior ways of installation, removal of wall coverings has also become simple, quick and easy. A quick pick at one of the corners is all you require, and the entire wall covering can be pulled down in minutes.

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