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Geometric Wall Coverings online

If you are looking to purchase geometric wall coverings online, then Space Of Joy is the right place for you. There are myriad options available in different shapes and patterns – both linear and random patterns. Designs are themed around squares, rectangles, circles, pentagon, octagon and hexagon shapes. These geometric wall coverings are a visual treat and will pep up your otherwise dull-looking walls. They are sure to add a zing factor to your living spaces. There are geometric wall coverings with abstract and fusion designs too, if you prefer unconventional themes. To bust the myth that geometric designs are dull looking, we have designs in vivid colours and patterns. 

Do you know that geometric shapes have a psychology behind them and exude different feelings? Squares and rectangles give a sense of reliability and security. Triangles are dynamic and energetic. An upright triangle brings feelings of balance and stability. Circles, ovals and ellipses give a softer and milder look to your walls and convey the feeling of mystery and magic. We have thoughtfully incorporated these shapes into our geometric wall coverings, keeping in mind the psychology behind shapes.

Explore the endless options available and choose the ones that suit your tastes and liking. Our design team will help you out to make the right choice if your head is reeling by looking at our innumerable choices.

Our geometric wall coverings also have different substrate options that you can choose from as per your requirements.

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