Designer WallpaperSpaces, where Wallpapers are an Apt Fit!

Spaces, where Wallpapers are an Apt Fit!

How would you describe your home, or your office space or your favorite corner? Your answer can be many but regardless, it is important to witness and experience the effects that a wall paper can have on your living space. Wallpapers are the artistic form of product that beautify every corner of your space. It comes in a wide range. 

When we think of a wallpaper, the first thing that hit us is, where shall we put it? Let’s discuss some prominent spaces, where we can use a wallpaper. Space of Joy come up with such a wide range of products that can be a perfect suit for all your locations.

Kid’s Room: Today’s generation always look forward being creative with their thoughts, positive with their attitude, vibrant with their outlook and esthetic with their choices. 

What color should I go with in designing my kid’s room?

We have received this query from our client. The answer to it is, lively colors. Colors like Orange, Yellow, Blue, Occur are best suit for your kids’ room.

What type of design should you go for?

Using beautiful wall coverings is an easy way to transform a kid’s room from something a little plain and predictable, into a space they’ll love to spend time in. The best kids’ bedroom wallpaper ideas should be full of personality. They tend to be fun and carefree but that’s do not stop you to from adding style or even complement the rest of your home’s decor too… 

Using an array of colors and spirited patterns is a great way to inspire young minds, while older kids will jump at the chance to express their creativity with a striking design of their own choice.

Here’s few ways to select a best wallpaper ideas for your little ones:

  1. Play with bold vibrant color or pattern- A neat geometric wall cover design and background can be adapted.
  2. Nurture love for nature with tropical prints- A kid’s bedroom wallpaper print should be something that’s close to nature which will eventually offer a little escapism and energy, even more interest in outdoors exploring, animals and plants.
  3. Add texture and multi-dimensional effect- It visually enhance the environment of the room.
  4. Sci-fi design- No childhood is totally complete without a little Sci-Fi. Bring in art that inspires him.

Matches child’s interest- It is necessary to bring in what your child imagine or love. Bring life to their room by putting up animals, cars, cartoon characters etc.

Living Room: Decorating this room involves some major decisions, but choosing the wallpaper doesn’t have to be a difficult choice. The living room is where the family spends most of their waking hours at home, so the wallpaper you choose will be the backdrop for all your family photos and memories. 

  1. Natural colors and textures will always make your living room the perfect place to be in.
  2. Tropical and floral patterns bring a sense of gentleness into a room. Tender greenery is always a delight in any home, and tropical wallpaper is the easiest way to bring a natural look and feel to your living room. 
  3. The living room is the core of your family’s day, so make sure you express your personality. Bright colors, intense geometrics, and family-friendly patterns are right at home in the living room.
  4. Exploring textured wallpapers in the living room is the perfect way to add depth.
  5. These two-tone textured geometrics can be used in any style of home. They are modern masterpieces.

Kitchen & Dining Space: Can you really make your kitchen walls pop with the addition of a striking wallpaper?

Elusive neutral patterns with bold graphic, tropical and an overflowing fruit basket of whimsical kitchen-themed designs are few right hits for our kitchen area. Space of Joy wallpaper options offer colors and patterns just right for any and all styles of kitchens. The majority of kitchen walls are generally covered with cabinet, appliances, or sometimes even a window; you won’t need to invest in a large quantity of wallpaper to make an evident impact. You also do not have to commit to wallpapering the entire kitchen. Start small by creating a wallpapered accent wall, turning a dowdy corner into a cozy dining corner, lining the back of your cabinets or shelves with wallpaper, or adding some flavor. 

With Space of Joy it is easy as you receive everything under a single roof. Our major focus is spreading a dash of awesomeness and awestruck you with our fine, simple and elegant designs.

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