Designer WallpaperThe Art of setting up your Table

The Art of setting up your Table

It is not every day that we get to sit around a multiple-course meal and have to wonder about the best way to host a get-together. For dinner with friends or with the family, the important thing is to be together and share a good experience. 

Since the Covid times are coming to an end, of course, this is the time when activities, dinners, and social events are multiplying. You will soon have several occasions where you will sometimes be the guest, but also sometimes the host of the evening. In any case, it is important to master the art of the table and know a few rules for a successful social reception, without any faux pas.


  1. Event Theme– Create a theme to ease your life while you host a social get-together at your place. Choosing the right theme helps you to streamline your thought process and creates less confusion. Every event has its melody and we need to understand its demand. Tropical is the hot-selling theme.
  2. Add Elements– Hosting an event is an art that one should imbibe before throwing a party. Never leave your table empty. Your table should be decked up with placemats according to the theme, here tropical; and then, top that up with some planters matching the theme, cookie jar, etc. This gives a smart look to the table.
  3. De-clutter– Do not overdo anything. The placemats should be only kept in front of the chairs placed, with a 2cm distance. Never put placemats in the center of the table, it not only clutters the table but also gives a shabby look. Also, avoid keeping lots of cutleries on the table, at a time.
  4. Runner– If you are planning to use the center of the table for self-serve, then make sure you use a runner that will make your table look neat.
  5. Quality of placemats–  Check whether your placemats can hold hot vessels and are easily washable. This will always help to keep it stainless and can be reusable.

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