Table MatsThe Perfect Dining Table Mats For You

The Perfect Dining Table Mats For You

Dining together is something that brings people together and creates strong bonds like nothing else. The practice of sitting on the table together and dining is a ritual that is practiced everyday by people all around the world.

The purpose of table mats

Table mats elevate your dining experience and add some fun and light up your dining area. The main purpose of table mats is to protect your dining table from stains and damages. They also give you the opportunity to bring in some prints and spruce up your space.

How to pick your table mats

Dining table mats are an element that add to the joy of dining with your loved ones. So picking the right table mat for you is very important. Your home is a reflection of you and your interiors represent that. Here are a few things to keep in mind while picking out your table mat and keep your interior design a cut above the rest :

1. Design

Make sure that you pick a design that is beautiful and makes you happy. A good dining table mat design makes for a great conversation starter at any dinner table and adds a sense of excitement to the dining experience. 

Also keep in mind that the design matches the aesthetics of your dining space, dining accessories and furniture, especially the dining table. If you have a lighter and minimalistic dining room, a tropical table mat would work really well with it whereas a tribal table mat design could work well with interiors that are ethnic. Some people also prefer decorative table mats for their stand out features.

Colors also play a big role in sprucing up a space. Make sure your table mat colors either match or are in contrast with your dining table. But keep in mind that they are not too contrasting. Standing out is good, but not to the point that it doesn’t blend well with the interiors around it. Also make sure that the table mat that you pick works well with the kind of cutlery you use.

2 Matching Table Accessories

You can pair your table mats with other table accessories such as trivets for that extra quirk, or a tablecloth for a nice backdrop, or a runner for that extra element of fun. 

3. Customized Designs

Did you know that if you can’t find the perfect table mat design for you, you can get yours custom made? Having a designer table mat for yourselves and your loved ones ensures that your table mats are unique to you and only you have those in the whole world. You get to pick the design, the make, the material and everything that is important to you for elevating your dining experience. How cool is that?

4. Leather Textured

We recommend that you pick a classic leather textured table mat. A good quality leather textured table mat goes well with everything and adds a classy and rich look to your dining table. These table mats are highly durable and eco-friendly. They are also waterproof and can withstand heat or cold. The leather texture will ensure that the mat doesn’t slip off easily.

5. Wooden 

We recommend that you choose wooden table mats for your dining space because they are strong, highly durable and easy to clean. A wooden table mat would also bring in a rich earthy feeling to your dining experience. Wooden table mats are sturdy and wouldn’t break or tear easily. A table mat with a backing made with an MDF board is your best pick if you’re choosing wooden table mats.

Make sure that the material that you pick can be recycled or upcycled.

6. Functional

While picking your table mats, make sure that they are easy to clean and stain resistant so that they last you for a long time. In a world where things and trends change quickly, make sure you pick something that is evergreen, sustainable and usable.

You don’t want table mats that are not heat resistant, especially if your dining room table is made of glass. Glass shatters if hot pots and pans are kept on it so make sure that your table mats can take the heat. 

Depending on what kind of weather you live in, make sure to check if your table mats are moisture resistant or not. In humid weather conditions, it is better to have moisture resistant table mats while in dry weather conditions, it doesn’t really matter. 

7. Good Quality

Make sure that your table mats are made with good quality materials. When the base materials are good, it might cost you a little more in the beginning, but the table mats will last you longer. Good quality table mats don’t wear easily. So they will appear premium and function well for a longer time as well.

All that being said, keep in mind that it is okay if everything isn’t perfect. The important thing is to remember the purpose of the table mat which is that your dining experience is elevated. 

A few nuggets about SOJ placemats

  • You can get your table mats with a custom design. So if you would like to have that, make sure you communicate that with our team.
  • You can clean our table mats easily with a sponge.
  • We make sure that our table mats are of a premium quality at competitive prices so have a look at the designs that we have available on our website.
  • All our table mats are Made In India with love. Our production space is located in the midst of Mumbai.
  • We deliver our table mats all over India, even the remotest areas.
  • We digital print all our designs over a leather texture and then paste them over sturdy MDF boards. This makes them highly durable and easily cleanable.
  • They are heat resistant and stain free.


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