WallpaperTop Reasons Why Wallpaper installation is Essential in Interior Design

Top Reasons Why Wallpaper installation is Essential in Interior Design

1. A Child Psychology

Kid's Wallpaper

We all know a child learns and imbibe maximum things in their earlier days. During this period, a child is inquisitive about the happenings in their surroundings. That’s why one must have heard that behave good, speak good, show good to your children because things get registered in their subconscious mind by which they start acting similarly. The best premium wallpaper installation for your dream home is at your fingertips.

Space of Joy understands the importance of the child’s psychology and brings in wallpaper that enhances the beauty of their room while creating an aura of good learning. The Kids’ room wallpaper is the new hot selling product from the Space of Joy. This wallpaper has a detailed mention of all the Continents & Countries that can make the learning easy, smooth, and filled with fun.

Learning has no age then why not start it in an initial stage of life? These wallpapers enthuse life to your walls with a wave of knowledge. The significance of the blue color on a child is good. The color blue brings in calmness and sophistication. In this wallpaper, the Space of Joy highlights the detail of the continent, their countries, and the national flora & fauna found there. Isn’t that too good to be true? Moreover, the neat finishing marks the premium quality that the Space of Joy brings.

There is a variety of beautiful wallpapers that can make your little one’s nest full of life, charm, and fun learning.

2. Abstract (wallpaper installation)

Abstract wallpaper

The abstract design uses the language of shape, form, color, and gestural marks to create work that does not attempt to depict visual reality accurately. Indeed, ‘abstract’ itself means ‘to withdraw or separate something from something else.

Wall art is seldom given the importance it deserves when it comes to interior design. In most cases, people decide what to put up long after the walls are painted and the furnishings have been dealt with if they ever give it a thought at all.

However, interior designers mustn’t miss the fantastic design opportunity that comes with the introduction of wall art in a space. A carefully and thoughtfully chosen piece of art can transform the entire room. This goes double for wall art many Wall Art designers consider it essential to interior design.

Bright colors—that is, vibrant shades of black and blue, yellow, and orange, white and grey—provide an expansive feeling. These are friendly, happy colors that encourage communication and are therefore especially welcome in the bedroom and living room. 

The abstract has come up as the most loved and hot selling product. These wallpapers come in varied vibrant colors that attract positive vibes and create a lively aura around you. The Space of Joy has something for everyone. It has a plethora of such designs that will give a dash of richness to your beautiful nest.

3. Art Inspired (wallpaper installation)

Art inspired wallpaper

Reason 1: It helps you attain a focal point

Interior design has certain basic principles and requirements, one of which is the need for a focal point. It can be a single design element that provides a perspective and a sense of what’s to come.

Needless to say, an excellent piece of wallpaper can easily do this. How far you want to go with it is up to your imagination. You might imagine your favorite artwork above the bed or a whole gallery wall to spice up the living room. 

Reason 2: It gives texture to the place

An important thing to note here is that wall art is highly diverse. From two-dimensional wall print to 3-D artworks, you’ll have unlimited choices when it comes to picking out wallpaper design.

Therefore, we recommend that you try to look for pieces from multiple kinds of mediums. This will give the space a varying sense of texture. For instance, you can opt for sculptures or stylish abstract geometrical shapes for depth, or a bit of digital art if you’re into something edgy.

Reason 3: It establishes an instant color palette

Picking out a color palette is often considered one of the most challenging aspects of interior design. There seems to be an endless number of varying shades of paint available in the market today. This makes it tough to narrow down a combination of colors that best suit your vision for a particular space.

However, if you begin by looking for wallpaper instead, the selection process can be simplified to a great extent. That’s because you’re sure to find something that you like, and that piece can inspire your room’s eventual color palette.

Reason 4: It provides the perfect finishing touch

Consider some of the interiors you’ve noticed in the past. It may be an older apartment of your own or a boring bedroom. Chances are, these spaces mostly had empty, white walls and felt as if there was something missing. Wallpaper is that missing element that can help make a space feel complete and well put together.

4. Tropical Placemat



It is very easy to think that a table cannot be decorated or that it would be difficult to decorate nicely. But nothing is further from the truth, and that is thanks to the Space of Joy for providing us stylish place mats that you can use to give your table a unique touch and pleasantly surprise your guests with your decor as well as with the food.

At the moment in which advice is given to set a table, there are lots of detail about the napkins, with also perhaps the placement of a flower arrangement, along with the cutlery or even the precise arrangement of the cutlery. We rarely get to the bottom of the type of table mats to use.

Stylish placemats

In order to decorate with these items, you should bear in mind that table mats are not only displayed on the table at mealtimes. They can, and should, be used on any type of table even if you are not about to be eating, since they give the table and the room in general a personalized and unique style.

Stylish placemats give the table a touch of color as well as the attractive benefits of the design itself. There are many types that are usually used, but for eating we recommend those that can be cleaned the easiest, to avoid any permanent stains.

In case you plan to use them simply for decoration, you can opt for cotton or woven vinyl and they can be coordinated with the decoration of the rest of the room, to avoid them standing out too much or, on the contrary, go unnoticed.

Choosing the best stylish placemats- The Tropical Print

When the place mats are picked, it is important to take into account the size and type of kitchen or dining table, if the table is on the small side, we must avoid letting the mats touch each other, whilst also adequately covering the dinner plates. For this reason, it is important to choose the right size. The Space of Joy brings in such beautiful flora and fauna print that will enhance your experience daily.

5. The Floral Punch

Floral wallpaper

Flowers brings in happiness and prosperity. They make a fabulous gift, are natural and beautiful and make people smile. However, there are a lot more these marvels of nature can do for you and your home, so we’re going to tell you four great reasons why you should bring in floral wallpaper in your house.

Floral print brighten up a room and your mood too!

It’s no exaggeration to say that a little color can go a long way. Placing floral wallpaper has the ability to make your mood better and also to help you connect better with other people.

Floral Wall covers complements your interior design

The great thing about floral wallpaper from the Space of Joy is that they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They’re the perfect way to compliment your new household designs or to help rethink the internal look of your home.

Floral theme make you feel and think better

We all know that flowers for a sick relative have a positive psychological effect. However, did you know that there were physiological effects too? According to vastu, floral theme lowers blood pressure, reduce feelings of pain and anxiety as well as help with fatigue. The view of floral theme in your home can help you to physically de-stress and ease into relaxation better. Also, it is said floral designs and theme improve your cognitive performance.

Uplifts relationships

Research has found that keeping floral theme in bedrooms increases the level of compassion that they feel for others and are more willing to extend a helping hand to those in need. As such, they tend to enjoy better relationships with others. For more on how being conscientious can improve your relationship with your romantic partner.

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