Designer WallpaperWays to enhance your Temple Area though our Wall Art 

Ways to enhance your Temple Area though our Wall Art 

The mandir (temple) area is the prime corner in all Indian Homes. It is the most pious area of the house. Let’s check some unique ways to decorate a Mandir area with our wall covers and wall arts. One of the best ways to change the whole look of your mandir is to buy Online customised wallpaper from store in mumbai.

  1. Color Pallet– The color should be of a lighter shade so that the corner looks bright. Light colors like cream, yellow, white, sky blue, and pastel green are the ones that bring positivity.
  2. Add Elements– A subtle use of elements in the wallpaper, like a holy cow print or an elephant print, or a floral print, adds richness to your décor. It is said, these elements welcome good vibes.
  3. Texture– A textured wall cover with sophisticated minimalism is always the escape. Space of Joy recommends a tropical theme or floral theme to add up vibrancy in your corner.
  4. Wall Art- An elegant wall art having Swastik or Om or with a script written in Sanskrit, will always add to the authenticity of your Mandir. 
  5. De-clutter- Cluttering brings complications according to Hindu tradition. Therefore, make sure your designs and elements are simple and not over-done. Also, try keeping the area lit up to attract positive vibes.

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