About Us


About us

We believe that our space around us is what gives us joy.

Our creative range of décor products cater to all types of spaces, including residential, commercial and hospitality. We love our products because they are made from extremely creative designs based on the latest trends and are made of premium quality materials which are eco-friendly, dust proof, non-VOC, easy to clean and are highly durable.

Whether you have a theme in your mind or are clueless about decorating your space, Space of Joy is by your side. In fact, we specialize in customizing designs for our clients. This way, the end product that our clients have is unique and one of a kind.  Here, we celebrate creativity and our mission is to create vibrant, lively and happy spaces.

We know your Space is your place of Joy. And we strive to decorate that space of yours, help you create your very own “Space of Joy”.

Our Journey

The idea which we now call “Space Of Joy” was born in 2013 when two of our founders, Gaurav and Neha, wanted to decorate their home. They noticed that there were many décor items available in the market. However, nothing was a complete solution, no one provided comprehensive guidance and they could not find someone who could handhold them through the entire journey of decorating their house. More so, most of the solutions available were the ones where they had to choose from rather than the solutions being tailor made as per their wish and desire. Coming from a related media and creative arts background, they realized that nothing available could satiate or do justice to their idea of decorating their home.

Fast forward to 2019, Gaurav and Neha decided to create the country’s best décor company. And thus, started the brand, Space Of Joy.

Space of Joy today is the latest entrant in the space décor segment and we are taking baby steps towards becoming one of the leading décor companies in India and globally with a target of providing an end to end solution arrangement right from the conception of an idea, creating and developing the idea into designs and products, production and installation at the customer site.

Our Mission

Space of Joy seeks to create and implement vibrant and lively decor solutions.

We strive to combine creative ideas, designing capabilities and operational excellence with quality products and services to enhance the experience of our customer.

Our Vision

To create beautiful spaces and be India’s most loved, creativity-led decor company.

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