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Guide to Select the Ideal Wallpaper for Your Home

February 27, 2024

Wallpaper can change the look and feel of any room, creating depth and style. On the other hand, picking the right wallpaper for your living space is no easy task given the plethora of options out there.

Considerations to Make When Choosing Home Wallpapers

1. Room Size and Shape: Think of the size and shape of the room. For small rooms use lighter colors and small patterns to create an impression of space. In case of bigger spaces, accent patterns and deeper shades can bring warmth and coziness.

2. Lighting: Consider the natural and artificial lighting in the room. The rooms with plenty of natural light provide a variety of colors and patterns and the rooms with less light may require lighter colors to brighten the space.

3. Style and Theme: Imagine the overall style and theme of your house. Whether you are into a modern, traditional or eclectic style, go for the wallpaper that best complements the existing decor of your space and supports the desired look.

4. Durability: Think of the longevity of the wallpaper, especially in high-traffic locations such as passages and children’s rooms. Vinyl wallpapers are more durable and washable so they can be used in these areas.

5. Maintenance: Think about how the wallpaper will be maintained. There are some wallpapers that are easier to clean and maintain than others. Pick one that suits your lifestyle and cleaning/maintenance preferences.

6. Budget: Set a budget for your wallpaper project. Wallpaper prices can be very different, so determining your budget in advance will help you select your options and avoid spending more than you planned.

Wallpaper Selection Tips for the Interior Design

1. Sample Testing: Before buying wallpaper, you should order some samples to check them in the space. This will enable you to observe the wallpaper in different lights and also how it matches the existing decor.

2. Consider the Scale: Make sure the wallpaper pattern is proportional to the size of your room. Large-scale patterns can overpower a small room, while the small-scale patterns can be lost in a large room.

3. Coordinate with Other Elements: Match your wallpaper with the other elements in the room, including furniture, curtains, and also accessories. Think about how the wallpaper will work with all of these things in order to create a harmonious look.

4. Texture and Finish: Wallpaper is available in many textures and finishes, such as matte, glossy, and also textured. Take into account the atmosphere you want to create in your space when deciding on the texture and the finish of your wallpaper.

5. Accent Walls: If you’re not sure about covering an entire wall with wallpaper, you can try creating an accent wall. This means that you can try out the bold patterns or colors without overloading the space.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing the Home Wallpaper

1. Research and Inspiration: Begin with collecting the ideas and inspiration for your wallpaper. Go through home decor magazines, websites, and also social media in order to take a look at the styles and patterns you prefer.

2. Assess Your Space: Decide on the size, shape, lighting, and also existing decor of the room where you want to install the wallpaper. Think how the wallpaper will fit into these wall elements.

3. Choose a Color Scheme: Choose a color combination for your wallpaper that harmonizes with the prevailing colors in the room. Consider the mood and the atmosphere you are trying to create in the space.

4. Select a Pattern: Pick a design that you like and that matches the proportions of your space. Think about the visual effect of the pattern and the way it will interact with other components in the room.

5. Order Samples: Order samples of your selected wallpapers for testing in your room. Pay attention to how the colors and patterns look in different lighting conditions and how they fit in with your existing decor.

6. Make Your Final Selection: Taking into account your data, inspiration, and sample testing, choose your final product. Be mindful of the factors mentioned above, such as room size, lighting, style, and budget.

7. Installation: When you decide on the wallpaper, hire a professional installer or follow the manufacturer’s instructions for DIY installation. Proper installation is the key for a smooth and long-term finish.

By using this guide and keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the right wallpaper for your home that makes your living space attractive and matches with your personal style.

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