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Valued at an approx. USD 125 million of business in 2017, wall coverings are fast emerging as the latest trend in the Indian home décor segment. The trend is catching on equally in rural as well as urban locations. However, majority of the wall coverings are sold only on the basis of designs. 

Wall coverings are much more than just designs. Let’s Explore.

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Majority of the wall coverings are currently sold only on the basis of designs in India. If a wall covering design is to my liking, I buy it. If the design is not to my taste, I don’t. Right?


Wall coverings are much more than just being designs. There are several aspects to a wall covering that one needs to be look into before making a choice for her wall. Let’s dive deep into this.


Designs definitely play a major role in deciding the wall covering one selects for the wall. There are innumerable designs available in the market to select from, ranging from damask, geometric patterns, florals to solids and 3D.

However, one must note that one does not need to limit the choice of design just to the ones which a seller has in stock. If you like something that the seller has in stock, you can go ahead. However, if you do not like a design from the fixed catalogue, it is very easy to create the design on your mind and bring it to life. This is where customized wall coverings solution comes to the picture. A design that you might have seen somewhere, or a picture you might have clicked or just a pattern that you might have on your mind. Any design can be customized and converted to a wall covering. 

Space of Joy has very strong in-house design capabilities to convert the design of your choice into a wall covering. You can easily get in touch with us at +91 91365 99991 or at for customization options.

Type of Media

The type of media (also called as substrate) on which the wall covering is created plays a vital role in the overall outcome of the wall covering. Selection of proper media should be an important parameter while deciding on the wall covering one plans to put on her wall. Unfortunately, at present, majority of the wall coverings are purchased just on the basis of design and very little emphasis is put on the type of media. This is because of the limited understanding of media that the sellers themselves possess.

We at Space of Joy, are focused at bringing the importance of media selection to the forefront. 

There is a plethora of media on which a wall covering can be created. The media can range from a simple non-woven Belgian paper, to a highly durable non-PVC polymeric to a high-quality Fabric. 

A non-woven Belgian paper media generally is breathable and easy to clean with a dry cloth. Compared to traditional paint application, such wall coverings are much easier to install with a wet adhesive and the installation process can be completed within a fraction of time of painting a wall. Also, there is no mess while installing such a wall cover as compared to days to dust and dirt accumulation in case of painting a wall. Such paper-based wall coverings are slightly more prone to tearing and since they cannot be easily wet cleaned, such wall coverings tend to get dirty quickly. One needs to be careful to not expose such wall coverings to too much water/moisture.

A non-PVC based polymeric media is more durable, does not tear easily and can be wet cleaned. Hence, such polymeric based wall coverings can be used for longer lifespan. They are also extremely easy to clean with a wet cloth/sponge. Not just dust accumulation, removing mild stains, crayons mark etc. is also very easy with the wet clean process. Hence, such wall coverings are idle for kid’s room and spaces for more traffic as they are prone to getting dirty easily. Such media are available in self adhesive options. Which means they are even easier to install with no adhesive application. Installing such wall coverings are like putting up a giant sticker on the wall, just peel off the sticker and install it on the wall. No mess, no spillover, a vibrant looking wall in a matter of minutes.

The Belgian non-woven paper and non-PVC based polymeric media come in a range of different plain and textured options. One can choose the texture based on one’s liking and how good the texture pairs up with the design one selects. There are several plain and textured options available to choose from both Belgian non-woven paper media and non-PVC based polymeric media. 

Space of Joy has a range of media available on the website to choose from. You can easily get in touch with us at +91 91365 99991 or at for media options.

Print Technology

Along with the selection of media, the type and quality of print also plays a pivotal role in the final outcome of the wall coverings. There are several kinds of print technology available in the market ranging from latex print and solvent print to eco-solvent print and hybrid print. Different type of printing technology is suited for different type of end product requirement. For example, some are suited for outdoor use, whereas the others are best used indoors. Output from one technology is to be viewed and observed from a distance to get the best result, whereas print from other technology can be viewed as close as possible. Each of these print technologies can also be further customized to get varied quality of print.

We at Space of Joy, use the highest quality of three-layered ICC Profiled HD Hybrid UV Print Technology for all our products. This results in highest definition accurate color tone print with negligible VOC emission. Our prints are done using the best quality inks resulting in zero odor. These prints are lively, vibrant and do not fade out even after years of use along with regular cleaning and maintenance. Further details on our printing technology is available on our website. For any further queries on printing technology, you can easily get in touch with us at +91 91365 99991 or at

We hope the details above have given you a good knowledge of the intricacies of a wall covering and we hope this would help you making a much more informed decision while selecting your wall covering.

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